2013 already


Hi everyone, lots to mention since my last update!

My residency at Cecil Sharp House is coming along nicely – I’ve written more material than I could ever have dreamed of, and while not all of it will make the final cut, the long hours spent at my desk have been helped by the presence of christmas chocolates (thanks, piano and violin students!). I’ve also been having great fun assembling what I am fondly calling ‘my morris orchestra’. You can now buy tickets for the concert, which will take place at Cecil Sharp House, London, on Sunday 24th March at 7.30pm. More information can be found on the EFDSS website.

Teaching-wise, the Folk and Ukulele bands at Rainbow Music are sounding better than ever. New members are always welcome, and you can find out more information on the Rainbow Music website, as well as in my teaching pages here (folk) and here (ukulele). Also congratulations to last term’s exam students – two successful prep tests, two merits and a distinction! 🙂

I’m still calling and playing for several ceilidh bands and you can occasionally catch me in a public gig for the Ceilidh Club at Cecil Sharp House with Licence to Ceilidh – I’ll try to give as much advance warning as I can next time I’m booked for one of those, so please keep an eye on Twitter!

I’ll also be calling for Blackbeard’s Tea Party at Oxfolk Ceilidhs next month, which is ultra exciting, not least because dressing as a pirate is encouraged. There’s more information on this fab ceilidh series on the Oxfolk website.

As I find 140 characters far less daunting than these blog posts, if you fancy keeping a closer eye on my movements and witticisms between updates I recommend following me on Twitter. (You can also see my most recent posts on the right hand side of this page). I also update my gig diary reasonably often.

Thanks for visiting!



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